My Mother

This past week my mom flew in from Wisconsin to stay with us and meet Sophia! What a blessing she was. We said goodbye to her today as she needed to get back to work this next week. I think we both agreed that if we could have our ways, she'd stay much longer!

I don't think I can fully express in words the gift that she was to us this past week. My mom is a do-er and she made herself comfortable in cleaning my house, making meals (even homemade cinnamon rolls), playing scrabble with me, and holding Sophia (which was her most favorite part). There were many nights where she came to check on me and Sophia in order to change Sophie's diaper and then take her for awhile so that Ben and I could sleep. My mom would rock Sophie and sing her lullaby after lullaby. It was so precious, and gave Ben and I a much needed sleep break here and there.

But most of all, my mom came to be a mother to me while I am learning to be a mother to Sophie. I felt comforted and encouraged with my mother's seasoned advice and guidance. I never felt like she overstepped herself (for I'm sure she could have "corrected" a lot of my actions), but instead I trusted her to give me a few words of advice when I asked. It was fun asking her questions about how she mothered me and my siblings and to learn about how she was mothered by her mom, my grandma, Genevieve.

I'm really going to miss my mom and it's so hard to be so far away from her and our families. I can't believe that I've looked forward to her visit for so long and now it's come and gone.

There are so many wonderful qualities about my mom and the way she mothered that I hope to emulate with Sophia: she loves to sing and she soothed Sophie many times by singing to her; she is so gentle and loving even with a loud, crying baby; she would always play with my hair; my mom would often read to us; and she'd always allow us to crawl up into her lap and wrap her arms around us.

I have a wonderful mom, and a wonderful mother-in-law. Linda is also so caring and is so very encouraging. She has called many times or has emailed just to check up on us and to see how we are doing--this means the world to me! My mother-in-law has nothing but love for us and her new little grand-daughter!

I've been blessed with these moms of mine.