Happy Baby

For the past week or so we've been using techniques from this amazing book / video called the Happiest Baby on the Block. While we haven't actually surveyed our block to determine where Sophia ranks in terms of comparative happiness, I think we can say it's been a nice improvement and has some great tools for calming her. One technique is loud white noise (the volume of a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer). We got an audio track of "Rain on the Roof" designed to calm babies, and have put it on repeat while she sleeps or when we're trying to calm her down. She loves it. I just added up the iTunes playcount of how many times we've played this 20 minute track and it's been over 450 times, for a total of 150 hours of listening to rain. While it has a nice calming effect for Sophia, I'm getting pretty tired of listening to it rain, all day, all night.