April Fools

Today I remembered April fools one year ago. I came home to a home pregnancy test taped to the front door, with a pink plus for positive. I stood there for a moment, stared at the test, pondered for a few moments, then came in. Lisa had a big smile on her face and asked what I thought. I told her I thought the pink plus looked an awful lot like a pink magic marker drawn on the outside of the test. Also, if she was really pregnant, she wouldn't have taped it to the front door. Still, for a split second, I have to say she had me in a moment of "oh my goodness".

One year later, we have a bouncing baby girl. True story. We were both too tired and uncreative to April fool anything today, rough night of sleep (or lack thereof), crabby parents (OK, crabby Dad, Mom is always a peach).

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to all the wonderful friends in the community that have helped us, by bringing meals, walking our crazy dog, bringing pumpkin bread and cookies, all sorts of wonderful things. We feel really blessed living in such a great community, and we know we have very loving friends.