4 Week Appointment and Milestones

This past week, Sophie had her 4 week appointment with Dr. Anderson. She is now weighing in at 8 pounds and 14 ounces (she gained 27 ounces since her 2 week appointment)! My little baby girl is getting some meat on her bones: She is in good health.

A couple of things I noticed this week:
Sophie is cooing and making other fun noises.
She is following the movement of my face and Ben's face.
She is more alert and active during the day (fewer naps than the first couple of weeks of life). Sophie also rolled onto her back (or what would have been her back had not the jungle-gym gotten in the way--she technically rolled onto her side)!
She is scootching when placed on her belly, too.
She lifts her head up very well and has strong legs and arms.

Wow! She is more than a sleeping baby now and it's fun to see her develop her motor skills!