Yep...Still Pregnant

I had my 36 4/7 week prenatal appointment on Friday. I am officially "in the clear" for having the baby--I am full term! While meeting with the midwife, Carolyn, I asked if she could check to see if I've dilated (which I wasn't). She did say that I am about 50% effaced though! Her head is down and putting a lot of pressure on me in that area. Her butt continues to bulge near my sternum, and her feet tend to kick into my right set of ribs. Granted, I got emotional just thinking about her little bum and how I'll get to see those little toes anytime now! I am very excited right now. Thinking about labor is the least thing on my mind.

I also have mixed feelings about my pregnancy. I am ready to have my body back to "normal." I find that doing just about anything is difficult and tiring! Not to mention the soreness from my sprained ankle, I am on a rotating schedule of colds/sinus infections. Yes, another cold is sweeping it's way through my body right now. It usually starts off as a typical cold and can easily turn into a sinus infection. This is a monthly occurrence and takes me weeks to fully recover. Fortunately last time it was a cold, but the month before that it was an infection that required medication. Granted, I have felt very discouraged throughout my pregnancy with fighting these invasive germs. I can't seem to win and I feel completely wiped out. I was looking forward to having a weekend full of cleaning and getting to spend time with some friends, but that didn't happen like I'd wanted to. I hate to be such a Debbie Downer, but needless to say, I want to feel well and have some energy back! Rest. Rest. Rest. Do it now.