Mother Blessing

This past weekend my friend and Douala, BB, gave me a mother blessing shower. It's hard to describe in words how beautiful this gathering is. I was surrounded by amazing women who poured out words of encouragement through prayer, their own experiences, and their own wonderful insights. Nourished. My mothering soul felt nourished. My pregnancy, my journey into motherhood was honored, and for that, I have been renewed. I am surrounded by beautiful, loving friends who spoke their love for me, Ben, and Sophia by journeying with us through labor and into parenthood.

Please read the following framework for the mother blessing shower to gain a slight sense of the evening (words on a screen do not fully encompass this unique experience).

Mother Blessing

Lisa Collier
Tend only to the birth inside you and you will find all goodness and all consolation, all delight, all being, all truth. Reject it and you reject goodness and blessing. What comes to you in this birth brings with it pure being and blessing. –Eckhart

Opening Prayer
Dear Mother God,
You have filled the world with life and
beauty. You gave us Eve, the mother of
all living, Mary, the blessed mother of
Jesus, and our own dear mothers who
birthed us. You continue to grant life, as
300,000 women, plus countless animals
and plants, give birth everyday. You
truly are Creator God.
Grant your blessing on Lisa-as she
joins this circle of life by giving birth to
her first child. May she also labor to be
born a godly mother, as she is held and
nurtured by You. We humbly ask this in
Jesus name. Amen.

The Source of Life
As you light your candle please say:
o God, You are the source of all life!
And introduce yourself in this way:
I am ... , the granddaughter of..., and the
daughter of ... , (and the mother of. .. )

The past
A time for Lisa to share her thoughts and
concerns about this new phase of

The Womb
Physical connection and active prayer as
a response

The Transition
Moments to meditate and listen for what
God has for Lisa
Question: Lisa, leaving for now what is
behind, do you reach toward what is
ahead, to the goal God is calling you to
in mothering this child?
Response: The grace of Jesus be with
your spirit.

The Blessings
Sharing encouragement about being a
mother, or about being mothered

Closing Prayer
Dear Mother God,
We probe the mysteries of your creation
so that we may know and love more
deeply. We thank you for your blessing
on Lisa .May she always tend to the new
birth within her on her knees, finding all
goodness, all consolation, all delight, all
being, and all truth.
We ask in Jesus' name. Amen.