I wish I had better news to share this post.... Like the wonderful news of having our little baby. That's not the case today. Yesterday, I practically did the splits (but didn't fall) getting into the shower and stretched my already aching pelvic area/cartilage. Painful.

One of our midwives today diagnosed it as symphysis pubis dysfunction. A fancy term for straining the already stretching cartilage that holds the public ring together.

Needless to say, I'm in a lot of pain. Ben has been beyond helpful and trying to make me feel very comfortable.

This is not what I had expected to happen a week before the due date.

My replacement at work is to begin tomorrow, and I was hopeful to actually finish out the week there (pending no delivery).

The midwife wrote me a permission to begin my maternity leave immediately, but I am not sure if I will do that yet. I may return to work for a few hours either Wednesday or Thursday just to guide my maternity leave replacement (which in the end will probably fair better for me when I do return in June and it's not complete chaos while I'm gone). I will also look into PT, but not sure what can be accomplished before baby arrives.

Anyway, speaking of my wonderful husband...Ben is a complete gentleman! How do I get up to get to the bathroom? You guessed it: Ben. How do I even get pants on ? Yep, Ben helps me with that one. And what did he get me to lift my little spirits? YUM: Lucky Charms! Here is a "I'm in bed and don't look glamorous" shot of me, my friend Chucky Larms, and the percoset for the pain. The other is the sweet setup Ben put together to make my bed rest days a little more tolerable. Oh yeah.Sophia is still moving those little precious feet around and usually gets the hiccups a few times a day. Her heart rate is normal and her head, her sweet little head, is down and rests so nicely on my injured pubic bones. Love ya kiddo!

I'm ready to meet this little one, and I can't wait for you all to meet her too!