Sprained Ankle

Yesterday Lisa took a spill in the parking lot at CMU, falling from the curb onto the concrete, hearing her ankle snap on the way down. Thankfully, we both had our cell phones on us, and I was only a 10 minute run away on campus. She landed on her side, so we were a little worried about the baby. We first stopped into the ER at Shadyside UPMC to have a look at the ankle, an x-ray revealed a bad sprain and thankfully no break. They then referred us over to the Magee Women's hospital to check on the baby. They did some monitoring of the baby for an hour, and said everything is fine and well for little Sophia.

We now have our first family pair of cruches, and Lisa is staying off her feet as much as possible for the weekend, icing, and catching up on some reading.

To entertain her, here is Tozer doing stand up comedy out of the baby bassinet: