starting school

we love the school the girls are attending this year. it's just beautiful. not really aesthetically (although that's part of it), but more because there is thought and intention with everything this school is about. they embrace natural and holistic, exploration and peace. there is beauty in how the girls' teachers came to visit us in our home to see where they each like to play and what they find important at 3 and 6 years of age. there is beauty in the desire to build community with the families in each classroom by having picnics with them over the summer. there is beauty in the antiquated mansion of a school and the spacious outdoor space for play. there is beauty in the first parent meeting for audrey's classroom where we each made our own child a candle that will be used on her birthday in the classroom. and during this same meeting, we shared one challenge and one joy we have in our child. then at the end, we lit our child's candle, spoke their name into the classroom sort of like a prayer. i lit audrey's, said her full name, and at the end we all blew them out. it was reverent. i had tears in my eyes over this thoughtful moment. we dropped her off for her first day on wednesday, and as a practice, each morning her teacher takes her little hands, washes them in a basin while singing a sweet little song about washing hands. there is connection and warm invitation to start the day. I have been teary-eyed many times with how intentional this school is and how much respect they have for each child.

She is humor and cuddles and imagination and concoction maker. she is a remarkable story teller and song singer. she is brave and still hugs me, not turning away from my kisses. happy school year audrey!