i didn't know

sophia helping me with a photo shoot. taking a break.

sophia helping me with a photo shoot. taking a break.

it's incredible. she notices the things that my mind never thought up. where i get a little flutter in my tummy when she's asked a question by her art teacher thinking she'll shy away from this, but nope, she reveals the challenging piece. her teacher is impressed.

i'm impressed. i hope i show it enough.

when i back off and let her go into the world of her drawings and play, there is magic and 'land-discovering' revelations, i notice. 

she catches on in the quietest, humblest, most beautiful way. attentive. she makes connections and does not want to be pushed. there is humming and music and words and lines in her mind. and a mind like hers needs that space and quiet. needs peace. 

i'm allowed to snuggle with her and paint her face with my fingers.

i'm too scared for her, my first born, and i want to use the bubble wrap still. she's much like me. and i get nervous. but that's my stuff. 

and she's a butterfly. i'm discovering. gentle and lovely. fearless and timid. making her own path and settling in.