at the well

for the grandmother who knows empty hands and wrinkled ones too.

for the grandmother who is battling--on knees or on last breaths

for the grandmother who invites her legacy near.

for the mother who fears and the one who is lost.

for the mother whose arms are always outstretched, catching.

for the mother who is isolated.

for the mother who is a walking ghost.

for the mother who kisses and heals.

for the mother who is cold and unfeeling.

for the woman who takes them in.

for the woman who grieves for what isn't hers yet.

for the woman who mothers the least of these.

for the woman who is a refuge.

for the girl who is tired of crying.

for the girl who is too young.

for the girl who seeks a mother.

for the girl who sits strong.

for the girl who will journey so far.


God is near.  Let him mother you in all perfectness and humbleness.