this inspiration

why the blog…

after a year of moving away from our families, i became pregnant.  we phoned them with our good news, and subsequently; all of our interactions would be from a distance. the pregnancy, birth, and rearing of a child would occur in a place that we both loved, but was absent of our families. as a way to include our geographically-distanced families in our experience, our blog was formed. our first post was announcing our pregnancy!

the title of the blog comes from the children’s story, “the velveteen rabbit.” it’s one that i’ve adored since hearing it read to me and seeing the video when i was in second grade. as we started out on our parenting journey first by recognizing there was life inside my body, we grappled with how it could be is this tiny thing of life real to us?  it came in the form of a real positive pregnancy test’ hearing our daughter's heartbeat’ the realness of her movements in utero; the realness of pain bringing her into the world. it was real to cradle her tiny body; it’s been the realness of needs and worry; the realness of desire; the realness of time and its speed.  it’s been in the realness of mothering and the liminal space.  and we continue to experience how real these two kiddos are every day…and it lasts for always.